About us

Suttons and Robertsons are delighted to offer some of the finest pieces of jewellery and watches that the world has to offer. With a luxury pawnbroking and jewellery heritage that stretches back over 250 years to 1770, our knowledge and appreciation of fine jewellery and watches is unparalleled.

Our experts have worked with some of the finest pieces ever made and have passed their expertise on to the next generation of specialists within the company, right up until the current team who welcome you into our London branches and to our online store.

Every decision made at Suttons and Robertsons is driven by our values. We always share our knowledgeable brand and product insight with our clients so that they trust and value us as we do them. Every client receives personal customer service to ensure that they can count on transparency and honesty.

With a company born in the same year as William Wordsworth and Beethoven, Suttons and Robertsons has played witness to some of the greatest moments in jewellery making and horology. We’ve charted the rise of Rolex, Philippe Patek and Omega, remained open through WWI, from which Cartier took his inspiration for the Tank, and watched as the Duchess of Windsor adopted the Panthere collection as her own.

Driven By History to Deliver

When you work for a well-known and reputable brand that has been operating for centuries, it means that you’ve got to be as good – or better – as the many people who have created such a legacy. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that they are protecting the Suttons and Robertsons name for the future. This can only be done through fair and honest trading and by having a range of beautiful pieces that people want. Shop with us to discover a world of jewellery and watches par excellence and a team who are delighted to meet you.

Our People

The team at Suttons and Robertsons share a common goal of delivering highly tailored customer service, but they are bound together by their values and their love of the products they work with. Our experts truly and sincerely value the craftsmanship that goes into every piece they see and their passion for the subject is transformed into exceeding our customers’ needs.

Our specialists keep up to date with every new release from the big jewellery houses and watch brands, but their in-depth knowledge of the differences between one reference number and another is to be celebrated.

It’s more than an appreciation of the pieces, however. Our experts are JET-trained, and all hold the Professional Jewellers’ Diploma, which enables them to accurately assess the quality of craftsmanship without being dazzled by the brand.